About Us

Alltraq is a product of ABG Tag and Traq, a subsidiary of American Biomedical Group, Inc. (ABGI). ABGI is a 30 year old privately owned technology and asset management company headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK with development facilities in Plano, TX and Fort Worth, TX.

Who We Are

We are a small, flexible and diverse group of biomedical, electronic, RF, ISR and software engineers. Our team members have 15 advanced degrees and have been awarded 8 patents and have 6 patents pending.

We serve commercial and government facilities across the country including the United States Army, the Food and Drug Administration and NASA.

ABG Tag and Traq
510 E Memorial Rd Suite B1
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

What We Do

We help organizations manage and maintain their high value assets through our two main programs:

Capital Asset Performer (CAP)

Cap the cost of equipment repair and maintenance and eliminate multiple manufacturer contracts. With the CAP Program, most clients experience 15-25% a year in savings.


Track and monitor your assets in the realtime with AllTraq Ultrawideband RFID tags.

Contact us to set up an online demo or to get a quote on your tracking project.

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