AllTraq Smart Pet Carrier

Monitor and protect your precious cargo in real time. View temperature, humdity, CO2, O2 and GPS data on your computer, tablet or phone.

AllTraq Pet Carriers are custom built to your specifications.

Insulated Construction

Double walled aircraft aluminum protects against heat and cold.

Climate Control

Thermostatically controlled heating and air conditioning units available.

GPS Tracking

View a live feed of the current GPS location for your carrier.

RFID Pet Tracking

Tag your pet to verify when it is in or out of the crate.

Temperature and Humidity

Ambient temperature and humidity sensors with text alert capability.

O2 and CO2

Oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors with text alert capability.

Oxygen Tank

Automatically release oxygen when O2 levels are low or CO2 levels are high.

Live Video Feed

Check in on your pet from anywhere with the live video feed.

Watering System

Ensure adequate hydration of your pet for the duration of the trip.

Web Enabled

View data and alerts from anywhere on your phone, tablet or computer.

Pet Carrier Web App

Custom Built Pet Carriers

Let us know the features you are interested in and we can give you a quote.
AllTraq Pet Carriers are custom built to meet your needs.

Contact us to set up an online demo or to get a quote on your tracking project.

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